Want to perform better at work? Here’s how we can help.

It’s Blue Monday – one of the worst days of the year (apparently); Pay Day is still a week away, Christmas is well and truly over & we are all wondering when our next holiday is. Well if you’ve been struggling at work – you can boost your performance through Martial Arts training.

Before anything, don’t write this off thinking “What does work have to do with Martial Arts?”, hear us out – because this just might be your solution. For starters, performance is largely hindered by stress or unhappiness at work – Martial Arts can help you put this in reverse, and put a smile back on your face. This is only one of the benefits Martial Arts can offer. Read on to find out more:


Ever felt happy and care free after a work out? If the answer is no – your missing out.
Scientifically you should always feel happy after a work out due to positive endorphins being released in the brain, helping promote positive thoughts and become a more motivational person.
This doesn’t totally stop you from being lethargic all day, however Martial Art classes give you something to work towards, an excitement for the end of the day – keeping you going.
And if the exercise and fitness level increase isn’t motivational enough – isn’t it exciting thinking about punching or kicking pads to release all that negative energy after work? It sounds pretty fun to us.


Sometimes we come home from work and have a million and one things on our mind – work, kids, family, birthday’s, whatever it is, we’ve all been in that place where we just can’t concentrate. Unfortunately, these distractions take over and it does nothing but make us even less efficient.
When you train in Martial Arts – especially with West Midlands TAGB Tae Kwon-Do’s organisation, you will build the ability to focus and become present in the moment. Being able to focus during Tae Kwon-Do training, especially sparring, is crucial – you never want to drop your guard.
It might be tough initially to block out your distractions however over time there is no doubt you’ll be able to clear your mind easily when things pop up.


Self-doubt and confidence issues can cause many barriers in day to day life, including at work – not because you actually aren’t capable, but you believe you are not capable.
As you progress in your Tae Kwon-Do journey, your self-confidence will surface; you will learn how to look after your physical and mental health and have the ability to defend yourself in a time of need. This confidence will then stop you from questioning yourself in other aspects of your life.


West Midlands TAGB Tae Kwon-Do allows you to tap in to your own creativity, think outside the box and make quick “on your feet” decisions.
You will constantly have to come up with new ways to apply techniques and outsmart your opponents. When you first begin training with West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do, all your practical applications of techniques will be guided and while rising through the ranks you will come up with new initiative ways to use certain movements.
This also contributes to your cognitive function and growth of new brain cells – hence enhancing multiple parts of your life.


Sometimes, we don’t perform well because we are afraid of what might happen. Every decision you take is a risk, a gamble – you could win it all, and the universe has a funny way of not showing you whether you have won or not straight away.
The thing is; if you never try, you’ll never know.
There’s a whole world of boundaries in Martial Arts, ready for you to push beyond and overcome.
Martial Arts will expose you to all different types of situations; which will both scare you and make you feel uncomfortable. This will toughen you up mentally, and more importantly will teach you to strive in such situations. This new skill can then be embraced in every day life.

If you like the sound of these benefits – why not have a go? Come and book at any of our West Midlands TAGB Tae Kwon-Do clubs – and see what we can do for you!