About West Midlands Tae Kwon Do

Established in 1988, West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do has been set up to teach traditional martial arts as well as being able to support the local community by developing key individual life skills. Back 30 years ago we only had 2 clubs, Dudley and Kidderminster, run by World Master Vince Farquharson (7 th Degree Black Belt). However, since then World Master Farquharson has supported his students in their growth and progression to become instructors and club owners. Now West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do have over 75 years combined teaching experience with both male and female instructors to support you through your journey, with clubs in Oldbury, Dudley, Kidderminster, Hagley, Bilston, Willenhall, Tipton, Kingswsinford and many more.

Our instructors provide the highest quality support when it comes to learning Tae Kwon-Do, with all our instructors and assistant instructor black belts being DBS Checked, Safeguarding trained, Insured and First Aid trained. All our instructors have key areas of speciality and with our unique unlimited training experience, you can train at any West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do affiliated club and be able to indulge in each instructor’s knowledge.


“The mind achieves what the body believes!”
Our classes focus on building a healthy mind and mentality as well as supporting physical strength development. We provide classes to build confidence and self-esteem, developing key skills for each individual to become the best versions of themselves.

“Fitness is not about being better than someone else, it is about being better than you used to be!”
Whether your goal is to lose weight, get fitter, learn a new skill or gain a black belt – WE CAN HELP! Even though Tae Kwon-Do, as with any martial art, is based on a “ranking” system, this doesn’t mean that you’re in competition with anyone else – EVERYONE is learning. A black belt is just as impressive as a white belt, at white belt you have taken the hardest step – you’ve started!

We focus on supporting everyone’s individual goals, no matter how big or small. Speak to one of our instructors today – nothing should be a challenge; we are here to support you!

West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do is part of the Tae Kwon-Do Association of Great Britain (TAGB) and British Tae Kwon-Do Council (BTC) – both of which are recognised by Sport England.


The TAGB Oath:
I do solemnly pledge to abide by the rules and regulations of the Tae Kwon-Do Association. To strive always to be modest, courteous and respectful to all members, in particular to my seniors. To put the art into use only for self-defence or defence of the weak and never to abuse my knowledge of the art.

OUR MISSION is to ensure sport, fitness and martial arts can be accessed by all the local community without discrimination of race, religion, gender, age or ability! Each of our instructors have an amazing story to tell about their journey through Tae Kwon-Do and the barriers they have faced including having children, arthritis, having a stroke and even overcoming cancer! There are no barriers and there is no discrimination in our clubs – we support everyone the best we can regardless of your needs.

Instructors World Master Farquharson, Craig Mason and Georgia Elwell are also fully qualified REPs Personal Trainers and our NEW for 2020 Tae Kwon-Do+ programme allows us to fully support you in your fitness goals and offer Health Assessments for students, checking and tracking your progress along your journey with us.

What will you learn? West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do begins by teaching you the fundamentals of any martial art and self-defence, teaching stances and balance. This is the most important part of any defence; knowing how to use your own body weight against your opponent, ensuring you don’t get hurt. Following this we teach basic attacking and defensive techniques, explaining both the theoretical and practical applications of why each technique is executed in a specific way. We aim to give you the information and demonstrations so you understand the purpose of each movement we do – making sure it will work as a defensive technique if needed. Progressing from one rank to another you will learn how to escape from locks and grabs and begin learning more advanced defences and kicks to disable and disarm an opponent.

West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do also teaches sparring techniques, giving each student the option to progress in a sparring environment, competing both nationally and internationally. Being a part of the TAGB and BTC each student has the opportunity to train with our national GB Tae Kwon-Do team and compete around the world under the guidance of 9 th Degree, Undefeated Team GB Coach, Grand Master Kenny Walton.