Training Options

Pay As You Go

Sign up with any of our TAGB instructors today and you can train at ANY TAGB club in the country! Pay as you go involves paying for the lessons as you train, regardless of the instructor.
The TAGB has been set up so that you can train at any affiliated club with your TAGB licence, all you must do is pay the instructor fees as you arrive!
Ideal for students who don’t know when they can attend training due to busy schedules / students who work away and want to train in other parts of the country on a regular basis.
Remember with this training package you will still need to keep in contact with your instructor on your progress and which classes your attending so that we can track your progress.

Once a Week

Pay a monthly fee to train with your instructor once a week. You can still attend additional lessons with your instructor and other TAGB instructors around the country for an extra fee.
By training with your instructor minimum of once weekly allows your instructor to keep track of your progress for your gradings and other events.

UNLIMITED Training Package

Once you’ve signed up with your instructor and have your TAGB Licence you can train at ANY of our West Midlands TAGB Tae Kwon-Do clubs at no additional cost! This is a unique opportunity to be able to train with all different instructors which possess different levels of knowledge.
Ideal for students who want to get the maximum out of their training – cost effective if your planning on training more than 5 sessions a month, whether that’s all with your instructor or with a variety of our instructors in the area.
With the unlimited monthly package, you can still train at any TAGB club in the country however additional training fees may apply.

3 for 2 Offer

Ideal for families! Train 3 people for the price of 2 when paying for our unlimited training package!
Please note: 3 for 2 offer only applies on training fees. Any TAGB payments (equipment, gradings, competition entries or membership) will not have this discount applied.
3 for 2 also only applies when paying one of our Monthly training package.

Family Training Package

Want to come and train as a family? 4? 5? 6? – Contact Senior Instructor World Master Vince Farquharson today and we will create your CUSTOM family package and discount!
Call today 07375 119483