School/Community Initiative

Our Schools and Community initiatives have been set up to provide the maximum support we can - following our mission statement, allowing as many people as possible to access information about health, fitness and martial arts.

These inititives are comprised of both free and paid for activities including one-off specialised seminars, 6 week courses and 12 week courses. These can be provided to a school as part of the curriculm or after school club as well as giving these options to local communal groups.

All classes are engaging to any age group and customised for the age and ability of participants. Anyone can teach how to kick and punch but our instructors can give the community or your school expert tuition to promote physical and educational well-being.

Martial Arts training is perfectly positioned to integrate character building among students and Tae Kwon-Do serves as a vehicle to instill values and skills that practitioners can use outside their martial arts schools. Skills like self-confidence, self-control, respect, good manners, discipline and ability to focus.

Enquire further at the bottom of this page about any of our seminars, 6 week and 12 week courses as well as FREE eligibility.

Seminars we offer:
- Tae Kwon-Do Basics Seminar (All ages and abilities)
- Martial Arts inspired fitness (All ages and abilities)
- Self Defence Seminar (Suitable for ages 8 and above)
- Higher Level Self Defence Seminar (Suitable for ages 14 and above)
- Tae Kwon-Do Style Sparring / Fitness Seminar - NO CONTACT (Suitable for ages 10 and above)


Our schools initiative is split by levels to indicate the students age and year group - with each level being appropriately designed in accordance with the school curriculum 2019-2020.

Foundation / Level 1 = Nursery / Reception Ages
Level 2 / Level 3 = Key Stage 1
Level 4 / Level 5 = Key Stage 2 and Above

Each level has been split into physical capability / fitness skills and the students theory and knowledge of health and fitness, helping them understand their own bodies and how it reacts to exercise, encouraging them to take up sport.

Contact us to book your Free and Paid courses today - these can be provided as part of the school day / curriculum or as part of our after school programme. All programmes are also suitable for staff and team bonding days.