Success for West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do Squad at 2019’s first competition

The opening of 2019 has seen a new West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do squad being formed, and preparations certainly paid off this weekend at the first competition of the year.

The TAGB Midlands Championship hosted in Kettering on Sunday 3rd February saw some of the best fighters around the Midlands region, with some squad members travelling from across the country to compete in the first event of the year.

Yesterday on Sunday 3rd February 2019, West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do students entered the Midlands championships with a very successful outcome! Over 500 competitors entered this regional event to achieve Midlands Champion 2019 in patterns, sparring, team patterns, team sparring and destruction.

Senior instructor World Master Vince Farquharson said; “This year we have decided to dedicate more time to put a West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do competition squad together as well as preparing for gradings and confidence growth. It was wonderful to see the amount of support at this competition, for some being their first ever competition. I am very proud of each and every one of West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do students for entering, we are only getting bigger and stronger – West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do is and forever will be a force to be reckoned with.”

The results are as following;
• Arran Campbell from Tipton and Bloxwich Club achieved Bronze in Red Belt Welter Weight sparring.
• Toré Lamont from the Dudley Club achieved Bronze is Red Belt Light Weight sparring.
• Gracie Bedenham from the West Bromwich Club achieved Bronze in the Red Belt Pee Wee Tag Team sparring.
• Daniel Oldman achieved Bronze in Heavy Weight Black Belt Mens Tag Team sparring. Dan also went on to be the only person to break boards with a hand technique, despite not officially entering. Unfortunately, due to this Dan could not collect a medal, but it was still a proud moment for him.

World Master Vince Farquharson, senior instructor of West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do and local instructor at Dudley and Kidderminster clubs would also like to add an additional mention to Dudley TAGB member Amelia Myers who competed in her first ever competition. Even though not officially winning a medal, Amelia showed great confidence and technique to be able to take the first step in her competition journey. Amelia also showed great integrity and courtesy to her follow competitors and we could not be prouder of the youngster.

Competing is always so hard to do and entering is just as much as achievement as winning a medal. Entering is always the first step, with our students being able to do this makes each instructor at West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do unbelievably proud! The first competition of the year was a huge success for West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do, here’s to the next one!