Kicking Secrets: Twisting Kick

The Twisting Kick is a difficult kick for the beginner – and is not performed until you become a higher grade colour belt. However, it is a fantastic kick to use against a sudden and unexpected attack. Because of the attacking angle, this kick isn’t as powerful as some other kicks, yet this kick still uses the full strength of the quadriceps and gluteus medius muscles, as well as the gastrocnemius muscles.

As a stretch, this technique works on the sartorius area to its maximum because the kick can be thrown in a number of different ways; high section, mid section and groin areas can all be attacked with the Twisting Kick. With a balance similar to that of the Front Snap Kick, the Twisting Kick can be followed by a variety of hand techniques.

Common Mistakes
The most common mistake made while attempting a Twisting Kick is failing to have your kicking leg bent as parallel to the floor as it can be. This results in throwing a kick which is more of a Crescent Kick than a Twisting Kick. Hand in hand with this is the mistake of not using your knee and lower leg to generate power; relying solely on your hips and thighs.

Inhale before you kick and as you perform the kick, exhale sharply. When you return to ready stance, inhale again.