How Tae Kwon-Do can Support YOU!

In this post you will be reading about how Tae Kwon-Do can assist children and adults alike. At West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do we have students from 4 years old to 70+ years old – Tae Kwon-Do does not discriminate!
We support and work within an individuals capabilities while also encouraging them to push through barriers, building confidence and ensuring EVERYONE feels comfortable and happy when training in our clubs.
In the West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do group we have many families (mother, father and child(ren)) competing and participating in our classed, a fun, friendly, family sport!

General Benefits of Tae Kwon-Do:

  • Improved muscle tone and appearance!
  • Improved strength and stamina!
  • Improved confidence!
  • Improved flexibility!
  • Improved agility and reflexes!
  • Improved concentration and self esteem!
  • Improved leadership skills!
  • Greater discipline!



1) Physical Fitness:  Physical fitness is important for many reasons, including weight control and general happiness and well-being. It is proven that being active supports mental health and mood, as well as strengthening muscles and bones for a healthier, happier life!

2) Weight Loss: According to the House of Commons Obesity Statistics published in March 2018, 57% of Women are Overweight / Obese and 66% of Men are Overweight / Obese! Regardless of that, most of us still do not like working out! However, West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do offers a safe, friendly environment for individuals to work out to their own levels while learning a self-defence martial art.

3) Mental Strength: Following the tenets of Tae Kwon-Do, West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do promote indomitable spirit and perseverance while developing discipline during learning. An important aspect of martial arts for adults is feeling, accepting and controlling your emotions. By practicing with West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do you will feel anger, fear, frustration and anxiety (at some point) – however we help you use these emotions in a positive way! This can then be applied in everyday life.

4) Mental Health: Mental Health is being spoken about more in modern society – these are helped by fitness alone, but martial arts adds many benefits. Most adults are goal-oriented and exploring that side of our human nature is important for our happiness.

5) Social Life: Coming to West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do is a great way for adults to make friends and meet new people from all walks of life. Making life long friends is proven in West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do!



1) Discipline: Discipline and routine is fundamental for children from a young age. Discipline is defined in Tae Kwon-Do as “to obey what is right” and in today’s society many children have hard peer pressure to undergo. With the support of West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do, children are less likely to be led-astray through later life. Belts are earned not given! 

2) Physical Fitness: Encouraging children to take part in a physical activity is important in modern society! Martial arts is a great way children can participate in a physical activity, as well as ensuring they are learning life long skills and principles.

3) Confidence: With social media being a huge platform in many children’s lives, West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do embraces individuality. We ensure each child works towards their own goals, without being compared to others. This shows increase of confidence bit by bit.

4) Social Skills: Children go through many changes which are inevitable, changing schools and heading to secondary being one of those. Making friends and socializing becomes hard for children in this way. West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do works with students individually, encouraging group and partner work to develop listening / communication and observation skills.

5) The Ability to Fail: Children do fail when it comes to certain skills, in martial arts whether that is losing in a competition or just getting kicked. West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do create a safe environment which does not promote failure as the end – but the beginning of a new journey!


Some people view martial arts as violent, or think the only achievement is a black belt. West Midlands Tae Kwon-Do is so much more! We enter into national and international competitions, we provide and run successful colour belt grading and we work with every person who walks through our doors. Ensuring needs are met and we support their goals – learning never ends in Tae Kwon-Do!