COVID-19; The Tae Kwon-Do UPDATE!

Due to the government’s announcement on 20th March 2020 and their decision to close gyms and Leisure Centers, West Midlands TAGB are sad to announce the closure of all our clubs until further notice.

We absolutely LOVE Tae Kwon-Do; the art, the fitness, the sport – however due to personal and public safety it is the right thing to do. Therefore, all face to face training is suspended in the West Midlands, Wyre Forest and Sandwell regions.


This doesn’t mean we can’t help you!

After the successful launch of our community initiative we are putting an even bigger emphasis on fitness and health – and HOW YOU CAN DO THIS FROM HOME!

For our Students!
Do not worry! Your Tae Kwon-Do learning, training and development can continue at home! Instructors are working hard on creating patterns videos and online resources you can follow with ease to support your Tae Kwon-Do development!

Your instructor doesn’t sleep. Send us videos of you performing patterns, line work, set sparring etc. – we can then review and send you improvements and corrections.

For the Community!
We believe in this pandemic crisis it is more important than ever to stay safe, healthy and fit – so we are going to begin our Home Fitness Plan! From beginner to advanced, this plan will contain basic stretches and body weight exercises which you can perform (without equipment) in order to keep some sort of fitness in your lifestyle.

What else can we do for you?
• Contact us for a health assessment – we will request information from you and have a virtual meeting to discuss your health and improvements. This includes your food diary and individual home fitness plan.
• WATCH OUR SOCIAL MEDIA! We will be releasing WEEKLY information on our Social Media (Facebook and YouTube) in order for YOU to stay fit in your home!

This pandemic is nothing to be taken lightly so these resources are not part of our marketing or sales strategy – everything will be provided for FREE and be for all age groups. If you need individual advice or have a specific heath concern you would like us to take into consideration / send you alternative exercises for – contact us directly.

We believe its up to the community to work together in these tough times and we’re happy to help where we can.