Tae Kwon-Do, the traditional martial art for the modern world!

Developed over several centuries as an effective form of unarmed combat for the Korean military, Tae Kwon-Do is now practiced by millions of men, women & children worldwide.

At West Midlands TKD, we teach the original, traditional style. We retain the history and philosophy from the ancient style of Taekkyeon, this is mixed with a more modern, sports aspect, thus benefiting the development of both body and mind. This multi-discipline aspect allows us to be an effective family martial art, we have many family members training as groups within our clubs.

As part of the TAGB, the largest Tae Kwon-Do organisation in Britain, West Midlands TKD students have access to regular local, national & international competitions, we have several world champions training among us. It is testament to the high regard the TAGB are held worldwide that the world championships are regularly held n Britain.



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Components Of Learning

  • Body and Mind

    The complete exercise package

    Tae Kwon-Do isn’t just about strengthening the body, it’s also about strengthening the mind.

  • Take Inspiration

    The power of theory

    Our training uses Korean commands and teaches students to take inspiration from the acts of others through history.

  • Self Defence

    Teaching defence to students

    Tae Kwon-Do provides you with the tools and understanding of an effective self defence system.

  • Competitions

    Train for success

    The sport aspect provides competitions in sparring, patterns and destruction for those who wish to participate.

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At West Midlands Tae Kwon Do, we are proud of our students and the work that we do! Because of this, we have plenty of photos that we are proud to share!

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All our instructors are fully licensed, insured, CRB checked and first aid trained.