5th Kup

5th Kup

What does Blue Belt Signify?

Blue Belt signifies the Heaven, towards which the plant matures into a towering tree as training in Tae Kwon-Do progresses.

When was the BTC formed?

21st April 1988


What is the difference between 2-step and 3-step sparring?

2-step sparring requires a more complex combination of techniques in defence and attack, therefore greater emphasis on focus, distance and timing is required.


What is Korean for Free Sparring?

Jayoo Matsoki


What is Korean for 2-step sparring?

Ibo Matsoki


What is the Blue Tag Pattern?

Yul Gok Tul


What is the meaning of Yul Gok Tul & how many movements does it have?

Yul Gok is the pseudonym of the great 16th Century philosopher and scholar Yi I (pronounced Yee Eye) 1536 – 1584, nicknamed the Confucius of Korea. The 38 movements represent his birthplace on the 38th degree line of latitude.

38 movements.


Korean Translations
‘X’ Stance Kyocha Sogi
Back Fist High Side Strike Dung Joomuk Nopunde Yop Taerigi
‘X’ Fist Pressing Block Kyocha Joomuk Noollo Makgi
Palm Upward Block Sonbadak Ollyo Makgi
Double Forearm Block Doo Palmok Makgi
Grasping Block Butjuba Makgi
Palm Hooking Block Sonbadak Golcho Makgi
Twin Knife Hand Block Sang Sonkal Makgi
Outer Forearm Waist Block Bakat Palmok Hori Makgi
Elbow Front Strike Palkup Ap Taerigi
Twin Upset Punch Sang Dwijibo Jirugi
Flat Fingertip Thrust Opun Sonkut Tulgi
Twin Vertical Punch Sang Sewo Jirugi
Knee Kick Moorup Chagi
Side Elbow Thrust Yop Palkup Tulgi
Back Fist Side Strike Dung Joomuk Yop Taerigi
Side Punch Yop Jirugi
Reverse Turning Kick Bandae Dollyo Chagi
Front Snap Kick Ap Cha Busigi