Keeping Tae Kwon-Do Safe: A guide for Children

Taekwondo is for everyone and is a great way to make new friends, stay fit and healthy, learn
new skills and to have FUN!

It doesn’t matter where you take part in Taekwondo as long as you feel SAFE and have fun!

Taekwondo is exciting, rewarding, challenging, competitive and gives you a great sense of
achievement when you take part.

Remember you have a right to be looked after well by the people running Taekwondo
activities and should always speak up if you’re not happy about something.


If you experience any of the following, or anything that makes YOU feel uncomfortable, then find a parent, friend, instructor, teacher, School/Academy Welfare Officer, or other responsible person and together you can sort things out.
- Bullying
- Racism
- Constant criticism
- Neglect
- Name calling
- Using inappropriate force
- Shouting
- Touching or other behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable
- Encouragement to take drugs or alcohol
- Pushing you too hard in training sessions
- Generally being pushed too hard and making you upset or cry
- Adults asking you to keep secrets
- Instructors or leaders taking photographs or videos of you without permission.


Remember - asking for HELP is a sign of STRENGTH & maturity for BOYS & GIRLS
Sharing your experience with the right person can help to make things better. Find someone you trust, this could be a parent, instructor, teacher or a sensible friend who will help you find the right adult. Be strong and trust that if you tell, things will get better.


Staying Safe!
Remember you have a responsibility to keep yourself safe too.

Here are some DO’S & DON’TS:

- Tell parents/carers where you are going and what time you will be back
- Tell parents/carers who you are going out with
- Make sure family and friends have your mobile phone number. Keep your mobile with you and turned on
- Stay together with friends where possible
- Inform your instructor and friends of any medical conditions
- Tell a trusted adult about unacceptable behaviour of any other adult or young person

- Leave a martial arts session without telling someone where you are going
- Make contact with strangers on the internet
- Accept lifts from strangers
- Accept lifts from known adults if they are on their own and your parents/carers are not aware
- Keep secrets for anyone