Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations:

  1. A MEMBER A member shall be any person who has paid the appropriate fee and have a current licence.
  2. BLACK BELT Is a person who has passed the appropriate grading
    a. Black Belt Gradings will be held twice a year if required under the T.A.G.B. grading panel
    b. Coloured belt members should be given the opportunities to grade regularly. Instructors should make gradings available to students at least 4 times per year.
    c. Minimum training period between gradings will be as follows:
    10th Kup to 9th Kup 3 months
    9th Kup to 8th Kup 3 months
    8th Kup to 7th Kup 3 months
    7th Kup to 6th Kup 3 months
    6th Kup to 5th Kup 3 months
    5th Kup to 4th Kup 3 months
    4th Kup to 3rd Kup 6 months
    3rd Kup to 2nd Kup 6 months
    2nd Kup to 1st Kup 6 months
    1st Kup to 1st Dan 6 months
    However, total minimum training time from 9th Kup to 1st Dan must be no less than 3 years and 3 months.
    1st Dan to 2nd Dan 2 years
    2nd Dan to 3rd Dan 3 years
    3rd Dan to 4th Dan 4 years
    4th Dan to 5th Dan 5 years
    5th Dan to 6th Dan 6 years
    6th Dan to 7th Dan 7 years
    7th Dan to 8th Dan 8 years
    8th Dan to 9th Dan 9 years
    d. Junior Black Belts, up until the age of 16 years, minimum training time is doubled.

All applications must be signed by the member’s instructor and countersigned by the elected Area Co-Ordinator. In addition to the above stated minimum training times, those wishing to grade to 4th Dan must first submit their application to the Management Council for approval. Members eligible for 5th Dan and above will be invited to apply for their grading by the Management Council, prior to submitting an official application.

All training must be undertaken under the supervision of the T.A.G.B. approved school. Should any such school cease to be approved, only the training undertaken during the period that the school was approved shall count towards gradings.


Students should be able to train at least twice per week at a T.A.G.B. approved school. Only in exceptional circumstances will this be allowed to be less. These circumstances must be approved by the Management Council. If gradings are withdrawn, the individual shall not represent himself as holding the relevant T.A.G.B. Grading.


  1. Black Belts:
  2. Must wear a Black Belt which indicates the degree held.
    b.           Must wear the officially approved T.A.G.B. uniform. Such uniform shall not be worn after the membership of the individual lapses or is otherwise terminated.
    c.           All 4th Degree Black Belts and above to wear black stripes vertically down the outside edge of each trouser leg.
    d.           All 6th Degree Black Belts and above to wear black stripes vertically down each jacket arm.

    Coloured Belts:
    e.           Must wear the appropriate coloured belt.
    f.            From 9th Kup onwards they must wear the officially approved T.A.G.B. uniform. Such uniform shall not be worn in the event that the individual’s Membership lapses or is otherwise terminated.
    g. Coloured suits may not be worn at any tournament, course, grading or seminar.



All members must possess a grading booklet and current T.A.G.B. licence prior to their first grading i.e. 9th Kup.



Anyone wishing to join the T.A.G.B., who has certificates from other countries, must have all qualifications verified by the T.A.G.B. Council who will endorse them if approved.

Students joining our school:
a. All students joining from other martial arts must revert back to beginner member irrespective of their grade.
b. All students joining from other Tae Kwon-Do Associations must comply with the following:
Coloured Belts:
c. Within 6 months of joining the Association, take an assessment grading under a qualified examiner (assessment to take place the same time as a normal club grading)
d. The students grading application must be marked as “ASSESSMENT” and should be accompanied by a grading certificate and Association Licence from their previous training, i.e. Name of club, name of instructor, duration of training, number of sessions per week, reason for leaving etc.
e. At an assessment grading, the examiner is empowered to regrade the student from “beginner” up to and including his/her existing grade, but no higher.
f. The cost of an assessment grading is the same as the normal grading fee and the student must then pay as per normal T.A.G.B. rules.
g. Students must attend assessment gradings in a proper T.A.G.B. dobok. They are allowed to wear their “old-style” belt for this grading.
h. It is up to the club instructor’s discretion what kind of belt and dobok a joining student is allowed to wear at normal club training sessions, prior to their assessment grading.

Black Belts:

Details of rank must be submitted to the T.A.G.B. Management Council together with proof from previous association, plus recommendation from current T.A.G.B. instructor approval.



Anyone contravening the above rules and regulations may be expelled from the T.A.G.B.



                             In any dispute, the ruling of the T.A.G.B. Management Council is final.
N.B. Any of the above rules and regulations may be altered from time to time. It is the responsibility of the instructor to ensure that their copy is kept up to date.



                             The lapse or termination howsoever arising of a Member’s Membership of the T.A.G.B. shall be without prejudice to those rights of the T.A.G.B. and obligations of Members that are by their nature intended to continue to apply after termination, including but not limited to the provisions of these rules and regulations.