Events Away, Transport & Lifts

As a way to protect instructors ad members, West Midlands TAGB Tae Kwon-Do do not recommend that any person in a position of authority transport children or young people to any event. This applies to people formally involved in teaching such as instructors, assistant instructors, helpers and anyone involved in helping to run a school i.e. doing admin etc.

Parents must make their own arrangements for transport, if thy choose to do this amongst themselves it must be clear that they are delegating their parental responsibility on a temporary basis to another adult e.g. If they choose not to take their child to a competition or grading themselves there must be another adult available not only during the journey but also at the event.

The only exception would be if the parent accompanied the child in the vehicle. It is not sufficient for the reasonable person to be another young adult. An instructor could not give two 17-year-olds a lift. This applies equally if the young person is under 18 but has a vehicle; they cannot give a person in a position of authority a lift.

If a minibus or coach is hired, it must hold a current roadworthiness certificate and all divers have the appropriate driving licence and insurance. Passengers on the minibuses will be required to wear a seatbelt where fitted and the driver is responsible for making sure that all passengers use their seatbelts. If seatbelts are fitted on a bus, passengers must use them.

The diver will be responsible for letting people know that they must use seatbelts.