Code of Conduct for Students

✓ Treat everyone fairly and sensitively regardless of their gender, ethnic origin, cultural background, sexual orientation, religion, or political affiliation.

✓ Do not use foul, sexist, or racist language at any time.

✓ Arrive for training and matches in good time to prepare thoroughly.

✓ Play for fun and enjoyment – not just to please your instructor.

✓ Learn and play by the rules.

✓ Abide by the instructions of the instructors / staff and officials provided they do not contradict the rules.

✓ Do not argue with competition officials and / or the instructor – use your energies for playing better.

✓ Recognise and applaud all good play.

✓ Be a good sport – win with modesty, lose with dignity.

✓ Respect opponents, instructors, club officials and competition officials – treat them as you wish to be treated.

✓ Co-operate with instructors, fellow students, and opponents.

✓ Think about improving your skills after training and competition.

✓ Inform the instructor of any injury as soon as possible.

✓ Inform the instructor if you need to leave training / the event early.

✓ Thank officials and opponents after competition.