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West Bromwich club is TAGB group welcoming people of all ages and abilities. Since being opened by Birmingham University graduate Claire Southall the club has flourished and continues to grow which is a testament to the determination of the instructor who continued training in Tae Kwon do through two pregnancies!

West Brom TAGB boasts a mixed age range, with members ranging from 5-12 years old, right up to Adults. We welcome all ages and abilities and base our teaching on each individual’s progression. In lessons we combine fitness, pad work, tae kwon-do based games, traditional floor work, theory and patterns alongside sparring to give students challenging lessons with a focus on traditional tae kwon-do .

The classes are designed to help children build confidence and improve fitness whilst having fun and make lasting friendships. We welcome parent’s who want to get fit and develop their own training alongside their children.

The focus of West Bromwich class is to practice the traditional art of tae kwon-do in depth. With a view to helping you become the best you can be we teach you patterns alongside sparring and challenging stretches/ fitness exercises to help you achieve all round success. The classes consist of students ranging from beginners to black belts so whether you are a complete newbie or an experienced practitioner there is something for everyone at West Bromwich TAGB.

At West Bromwich TAGB we have coached regional and national competition champions. With a view to ensuring the success of our students on the mats mats our instructor has recently launched a brand new SparFit class which delves into the inner methodology behind sparring training and gives you the edge in a fast paced fitness bootcamp style class. You don’t need to be competing to take part and all you need is a full set of TAGB sparring equipment and your license. All TAGB students are welcome from neighbouring schools.

Class Times are:

Monday  – West Bromwich Leisure Centre, Moor Street, B70 7AZ


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Friday – Holy Trinity Church Hall, Burlington Road, B70 6LF


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