Quiz - Tae Kwon Do 3rd Kup

Tae Kwon Do 3rd Kup

3rd Kup (Red Tag) Theory:

Meaning of Red Belt: 
Red Belt signifies Danger, cautioning the student to exercise control and warning the opponent to stay away.

Who are the founding members of the TAGB and what are their positions?

Grand Master David Oliver 9th Degree Chairman
Grand Master Michael Dew 9th Degree Vice Chairman
Grand Master Ron Sergiew 9th Degree Treasurer
Grand Master Paul Donnelly 9th Degree Liaison Officer
Grand Master Kenny Walton 9th Degree Team Coach
World Master Don Atkins 8th Degree National Secretary
World Master Gianni Peros 8th Degree Welsh Team Coach
World Master Brian Towndrow 8th Degree Committee Member

What is the Korean term for “1 step sparring”? 
Ilbo Matsoki

What is the meaning of pattern Toi Gye Tul?
Toi Gye is the pen name of the noted scholar Yi Hwang (16th century), an authority on neo Confucianism. The 37 movements of the pattern refer to his birthplace on 37 latitude, the diagram represents ” scholar”

How many movements are in pattern Toi Gye Tul? 


Korean Terms:

Flying Twimyo
Jumping Twigi
Closed Ready Stance Moa Junbi Sogi
Bending Ready Stance Guburyo Junbi Sogi
Fixed Stance Gojung Sogi
Vertical Stance Soo Jik Sogi
“X” Stance Kyocha Sogi
“X”-Fist Rising Block Kyocha Joomuk Noollo Makgi
Inner Forearm Middle Block An Palmok Kaunde Makgi
Palm Pushing Block Sonbadak Miro Makgi
Inner Forearm Circular Block An Palmok Dollimyo Makgi
Knife Hand Low Guarding Block Sonkal Najunde Daebi Makgi
Outer Forwarm “W” Shape Block Bakat Palmok  San Makgi
Double Forearm Pushing Block Doo Palmok Miro Makgi
“X” Fist Pressing Block Kyocha Joomuk Noollo Makgi
Flat Fingertip Thrust Opun Sonkut Tulgi
Side Punch Yop Jirugi
Twin Vertical Punch Sang Sewo Jirigui
Knife Hand Inward Block Sonkal Anaero Taerigi
Back Fist Side Strike Dung Joomuk Taerigi
Outer Forearm Low Block Bakat Palmok Najunde Makgi
Upset Fingertip Thrust Dwijibun Sonkut Tulgi
Knee Kick Moorup Chagi
Back Kick Dwit Chagi
Head Mori
Waist Hori


Korean Terms (Body Parts):

Hand Son
Side Fist Yop Joomuk
Back Fist Dung Joomuk
Fore Fist Ap Joomuk
Outer Forearm Bakat Palmok
Knife Hand Sonkal
Reverse Knife Hand Sonkal Dung
Inner Forearm An Palmok
Fingertips Sonkut
Arc Hand Bandal Son
Palm Sonbadak
Back of Hand Son Dung
Back Forearm Dung Palmok
Elbow Palkup
Foot Bal
Reverse Foot Sword Balkal Dung
Side Instep Yop Baldung
Instep Baldung
Toes Balkut
Foot Sword Balkal
Back Heel Dwit Chook
Back Sole Dwi Kumchi
Side Sole Yop Bal Badak
Ball of the Foot Ap Kumchi
Knee Moorup