Classes are varied each session will be different from the last, this keeps thing interesting and makes sure you are always learning.

There are many elements which make up Tae Kwon-Do and we include them all in the classes we run. Our training programme is designed to introduce you to Tae Kwon-Do at a pace suitable to your individual requirements.


We do patterns which are sequences of movements, mainly attack and defence, set in a logical sequence against one or more imaginary opponents. There are 9 patterns to learn on your journey to black belt.


Line Work

Techniques are repeated many times to make them as fast, accurate and powerful as they can possibly be.


Pad Work

We drill techniques to pads to maximize power and precision.



All classes contain a section to develop your overall physical fitness.



Whatever your start point, your flexibility will improve with time, irrelevant of your age.


Free Sparring

We practise semi-contact sparring with full safety gear. Safety is our number one priority.


Set Sparring

There are many forms of Set sparring organised in to routines of attack and defence with a partner to work on focus, distancing and timing.

P1030666Set Sparring


Every 3 months you will be eligible to grade, providing you have attended around 2 sessions per week during that time. You will perform your current pattern, line work and set sparring, as well as being tested on some theoretical knowledge relevant to your grade.


We are graded by members of the National TAGB committee, all Masters at 8th Degree Black Belt, who provide independent adjudication across the UK. Find out more about our national organisation here.

It takes approximately 3 ½ years to attain a black belt, with dedicated training.



As a club we compete in regional, national and international events. We have many international titles held within our clubs, and you could be next! Competitions are not compulsory but are a great day out.