Quiz - Tae Kwon Do 10th Kup

West Mids Tae Kwon Do Quiz


10th Kup (White Belt) Theory:

Meaning of White Belt:
White Belt signifies innocence, as that of a beginning student, who has no previous knowledge of Tae Kwon-Do.

Tenets of Tae Kwon-Do:
1) Courtesy: To be polite to one’s instructors, seniors and fellow students.
2) Integrity: To be honest with one’s self. One must be able to define right from wrong.
3) Perseverance: To achieve a goal, one must not stop trying.
4) Self-Control: To be able to live, work and train within one’s capability without loosing one’s temper.
5) Indomitable Spirit: To show courage when you and your principles are pitted against overwhelming odds.

What does Tae-Kwon-Do mean?
Tae: Foot / Kwon: Hand / Do: Art or Way

Where did Tae Kwon-Do originate?
South Korea

What does the “T.A.G.B.” stand for?
Tae Kwon-Do Association of Great Britain.

Who is your Area Coordinator and what is their grade?
Grand Master Paul Donnelly – 9th Degree Black Belt

Who is your instructor and what is their grade? (Choose your instructor)
World Master Vince Farquharson – 7th Degree Black Belt
Katie Billingham – 5th Degree Black Belt
Warren Didlock – 3rd Degree Black Belt
Craig Mason – 3rd Degree Black Belt

Korean Terms (Numbers)

One (1) Hanna
Two (2) Dool
Three (3) Seth
Four (4) Neth
Five (5) Dasaul
Six (6) Yosaul
Seven (7) Ilgop
Eight (8) Yodoll
Nine (9) Ahop
Ten (10) Yoll


Korean Terms (Commands)

Attention Charyot
Bow Kyong-Ye
Ready Junbi
Shout Kihap
Start / Begin Si-Jak
Stop Goman
Return to Ready Barrol
Dismiss Haessan
Forwards Apro Kaggi
Backwards Dwiyro Kaggi
About Turn Dwiyro Torro
Left Wen
Right Orun
Inward Anaero
Outward Bakaero
Break Hechyo
Press Ups Momtong Bachia
Training Hall Dojang
Training Suit Dobok
Belt Ti
Pattern Tul
Instructor Sabum
Student Jeja


Korean Terms (Theory) 

Stance Sogi
Walking Stance Gunnun Sogi

50/50 Weight Distribution

Walking Ready Stance Gunnun Junbi Sogi

50/50 Weight Distribution

Sitting Stance Annun Sogi

50/50 Weight Distribution

Block Makgi
Outer Forearm Low Block Bakat Palmok Najunde Makgi
Inner Forearm Middle Black An Palmok Kaunde Makgi
Obverse Punch Baro Jirugi
Reverse Punch Bandae Jirugi
4 Directional Punch Saju Jirugi
Rising Kick Apcha Olligi
Inner Forearm An Palmok
Outer Forearm Bakat Palmok
High Section Nopunde
Middle Section Kaunde
Low Section Najunde